Red-footed booby (Sula sula), Takutea Island, Cook Islands

Options & Activities

We are a charter boat company with a difference - we are ready to take you anywhere you want to go - anytime you want to do it

We are keen to explore anywhere in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands - this region, and its remote islands, are our backyard

We are based in NZ in the Summer and the Pacific Islands in the winter (the non-cyclone season) hence, are well placed to voyage to remote locations at the right time of year

We are equipped for numerous activities. Luxury travel, adventure tourism, scuba diving, commercial filming, amateur radio DX expeditions, conservation projects & scientific research being some of our specialties

We can also provide expertise in planning and provisioning your expedition


Getting on and off Pitcairn Island in the local 'longboat'

Luxury Charter:
Charter our luxury motor-sailing yacht anywhere, anytime, and go where you want to go, At 74ft long & 50 tons this is not a small sailing vessel, it is really a small ship. We have aboard all the conveniences of modern luxury travel; including full air conditioning, ice maker, hot water showers, scuba gear, quality center consol inflatable etc

Remote Island Expeditions (of all types):
We explore the hidden wonders of the the temperate and tropical Pacific. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life to the desert island of your dreams. Camp ashore in a tent - or on the tropical islands you can sleep under the stars on a golden sandy beach. Capture birds (with the camera that is) explore the island's interior or swim over a coral reef

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling:
We love to dive where no one has dived before. Let us know where you want to go. Please do not get to friendly with the locals - especially the pointy finned, sharp toothed ones - it might be feeding time!. We are the only vessel in the region equipped with our own decompression chamber - just do not "plan" to use it please


Local girl in the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia

Conservation, Marine Archaeology & Oceanographic Research:
We have a wealth of knowledge about the Pacific Islands. If you want to know about research opportunities, or conduct research in our region, we are happy to help with your planning.

Bird Watching:
Want to add a few more rare birds to your life-list?
We know where to find them and how to get you there


Locals from Nassau Island, Cook Islands

Filming (underwater or topside):
How about filming at remote islands, or capturing something no one else has to share with the rest of the world. Commercial or Amateur, not a problem

Inter-Island Transport:
No flights? No planes? No airport? No problems !
Need to get between our uninhabited islands, we will take you.
Just let us know when and where


Century old shipwreck, Enderbury Atoll, Phoenix Islands

Sports Fishing:
We love fresh fish for dinner and we know where they live, just add enthusiasm, a rod and reel. The result will be fresh Sushi, or we can cook traditional style with some of our island friends. If you are really serious, we recommend you bring your own fishing gear. How about some bone fishing in paradise ?

Kayak or Surf:
We are happy for you to bring along your kayak or surfboard on a planned expedition, or you could charter the boat with friends for a custom-made voyage. You can quietly paddle around uninhabited atolls or be the first to surf the wild breaks of remote islands

Want to chill out with no one around?
Drink coconuts maybe? - we never tire of tropical fruit and Pacific sunsets


Local boy playing at Suwarrow National Park, Cook Islands


Luxury charters:
Capt Matthew Peacey

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